Intercultural Training

  • For expatriots coming to Germany
  • For expatriots going from Germany to
    1. US
    2. China
    3. France
    4. GB
    5. Italy
    6. Swizerland

On request we can also provide intercultural training appropriate for many other countries.

Intercultural competence is a key factor in international communication. In order to communicate successfully in today’s globalised world business professionals need to understand and adapt to cultural norms and ways of thinking that apply in the countries in which they are doing business. Without such an understanding cross border communication will not be optimally effective.

Globalisation has not levelled differences as we assumed originally. On the contrary by assuming a superficial similarity, cultural differences can slumber on undetected and can directly influence communication in unforeseen ways. Training in intercultural competence can help individuals recognise and understand these differences and so use them creatively and productively.

Our seminars help improve intercultural competence though a carefully balanced and flexible mixture of role plays, simulations, analysis of critical incidents, lectures, quizzes and group work. The way participants communicate and behave during these activities is carefully considered, but we also go into affective and cognitive factors that can influence outcomes.

The intercultural competence that is gained through the seminar can, for example, avoid the expat returning home before the end of the contract which, according to empirical studies, can happen in 27-35% of cases. It goes without saying that this can be of benefit to a company as an expat costs three times more than an employee who remains in the home country.

Training can be delivered in English or German depending on the needs and makeup of the group and on request in many other languages.

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