Mario Münster

Mario Münstern

Mario Münstern

Mario Münster, born in München

  • Trainer for German as a Foreign Language
  • Trainer for Intercultural Communication
  • Translator for English, Italian, French
  • Reader for diverse publishing houses

From 1980 on Mario Münster sets up an autonomous department ’German for Foreign Executives’ and ’Intercultural Training for Delegates’ within a large international enterprise and leads this department with great success.
On the occasion, he gathers useful experience in designing seminars, in creating task oriented learning materials and carrying out seminars both in Germany and abroad.
When working as a teacher with German and International learning groups he provides gripping and methodically versatile lessons. With patience, imagination and taking great pleasure in lively communication he is always able to motivate his participants to reach their personal goal.

  2009 | micom-institute